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New courses on the horizon!
14.09.18 0 comments

New courses on the horizon!

At SHARE we want to make sure we develop courses that will assist you in the day-to-day management of your job. We have been working with our experienced housing trainers to develop new training courses that meet your needs and we are excited to launch some of our brand new courses.

Click on the course title to find out more and book your place/s.

Springboard Refresher
Do you remember your action plan? Have you achieved what you set out to? There are times in life, that no matter how hard we try, we find we are doubting ourselves. This course, open to anyone who identifies themselves as a woman, is a short one day refresher on the principles of the Springboard personal development course. It is designed to refresh the Springboard principles for previous delegates and sharpen their focus on their personal goals in a supportive and safe environment. It will also serve as a short introduction to Springboard for anyone interested in looking at their personal development with a view to setting out a pathway and goals in both their personal and professional lives.

Abandoned tenancies and former tenant arrears
Abandoned tenancies and former tenants arrears are two of the biggest headaches for housing management staff. We may never find out why the tenant has walked away from their tenancy but it does leave the housing staff dealing with the property with all sorts of headaches: notices; timescales; potential court actions; storage; arrears.

This course aims to make it crystal clear exactly what the rules and best practice in terms of abandoned tenancies are. It covers effective methods of collection, the powers an association/co-operative has to recover these arrears and how to make an effective costs benefit analysis to ensure that it is an efficient use of resources to pursue these sums. This course covers a small but significant part of housing management delivery and will ensure that delegates feel confident dealing with this difficult area.

Dealing with bereavement
Research by ACAS suggests that at any one time, 1 in 10 employees are likely to be affected by bereavement. Bereavement and grief can manifest in many different ways and can affect performance, engagement, and concentration amongst other things. However, reacting sensitively and being supportive has been shown by studies to enhance loyalty and minimise otherwise avoidable absence.

This course is for managers and supervisors who want to understand the best way to approach this difficult subject and know how to support their employees in the hardest of times.

Measuring morale and boosting resilience
Morale is one of those concepts that only seems to show up when there is a problem and it is inevitably low. As with most problems, prevention is definitely better than cure. This course is aimed at managers and supervisors and intends to help them view morale as being as much a part of their day-to-day monitoring as attendance or time-keeping. Delegates will learn several ways to measure morale and handy tips to tease out the finer nuances of any morale issues. The course will then look at ways to keep morale up and how to boost resilience amongst employees when organisations are going through periods of change or difficulty.

Managing your information – managing your organisation
Information management is important for all organisations. This course examines best practice approaches that organisations should take to maximise service delivery, meet the increased compliance demands of new Data Protection legislation, prepare for Freedom of Information and provide information requested by the Scottish Housing Regulator, all while managing the day-to-day-operation of the association.

This course will look at information at a strategic level and then also at a practical level with sessions aimed at making delegates think about the practices they undertake and how these can be made more efficient.


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