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Forensic approach to arrears

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Forensic approach to arrears

Date: No dates for this event.
Course duration: 1 day
Venue: Bob Allan Conference Centre, Saracen House, 139 Saracen Street, Glasgow, G22 5AZ
Costs: Members £195.00 / Non-Members £295.00

Who's it for and what's it about?

 A forensic approach to arrears is designed for housing and factoring staff who are responsible for managing arrears. This course will enable staff to better understand why their customers’ get into arrears and investigate ways to improve long term outcomes for both new and persistent arrears cases.

Given the time constraints we work under, it is often difficult to take the time to look why the arrears occurred before we pursue the arrear. However, if we combine our arrears strategy with a wider awareness of financial capability, we can minimise the chances of tenants falling back into arrears again.

Course Outline

  • What is financial capability?
  • The most common causes of arrears
  • Different approaches for different types of arrears
  • Customer empowerment & facilitation vs micromanagement of arrears – when each should be applied
  • Where and when to seek appropriate support
  • Partnership working


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to identify why your customers are in arrears and the most appropriate ways to support them by working in partnership and using a financial capability approach to future arrears prevention.

Trainer: Sharon Graham